Saturday, 13 October 2012

The return journey

Thursday 11 October

We get up at 6.30am and quickly pack and have a shower. We have breakfast and then it is time to say goodbye to Nancy as well. A difficult moment. These people have been most caring and have gone way past their B&B ‘duties’.

It is a beautiful day again and the sun is out, so we take another quick trip through Bellport and then we are on our way to Hamburg, NY.

The first part on Long Island is slow going, but the delays are not too bad. It’s peak hour time and there is plenty of traffic on the roads, all the way through to the Bronx. However, eventually we get across Throgs Neck and George Washington bridges without too much trouble and from then on it’s plain sailing. Hardly any traffic on the roads.

Throgs Neck Bridge

We take the thru way north which leads through Newburgh, a place where we know the Orange County Choppers to be. For those who don’t know, American Chopper is an American TV show about a father and son who build weird and wonderful motor cycles and their showroom/workshop is in Newburgh, Orange County. As Frank regularly watched this show when he was on night shift some years ago, he would like to have a look of course. So, we get off the thru way and stop at the showroom. We take some pictures, walk around looking at all those motor cycles and have a peek into the workshop where people are filming.

Orange County Choppers showroom

A 9/11 Memorial bike
As it is about lunch time we take time to fill up the car and get something to eat at the closest place: Burger King.

Not wanting to take the shortest way home we decide to take a detour through the Catskill Mountains. It is a pleasant trip, but, for the pictures not much to tell you about.

Higher in the mountains the trees are already dropping their leaves

Frank is waiting patiently in the warm car while I take pictures

We stopp at Dansville, NY to fill up again and for another burger at Maccas. As wi-fi is available again I send a quick note off to fb and on our way we are again. The last bit of the trip is done in the dark, but as we were driving westwards into the setting sun it is quite a relief to get rid of the sharp light. We’re home at 8.30pm, unpack and Frank is in bed by nine. He’s done all the driving and is pretty knackered. I check my email, but it’s all too much and thus I go and find my bed too after a hot drink

I will have a bit more to tell you and a few more pictures, but they'll have to wait till tomorrow.  It's been a long day blogging...

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