Monday, 1 October 2012

Below Zero

29 September 2012
Ha! Gotya!  No, it isn’t that cold here, although some days are a bit cooler than we had hoped for.  No, Below Zero is the title of a movie we watched last night and it has made such an impression that it still is in my thoughts.  It wasn’t the first time I’ve seen the movie, but as with some, you want to watch over and over again [with decent intervalsJ].  It’s the story about 8 beautiful dogs that had to be left behind at Antarctica in the middle of winter without protection, food or water.  Anyway, that’s not what my blog is about, but it was still at the foremost of my mind today.

Otherwise it hasn’t been a very eventful day.  Played a bit of Wordfeud in the morning after shower and breakfast, and lazed about a bit.  

After lunch we’ve gone out again to visit a few shops.  We had a little mishap with the borrowed GPS, so first of all we had to find a replacement.  I would have preferred to spend the money on something else, but hey, that’s the risk you take when you chose to go on a house swap.

Oohed, and aahed over all the gadgets that are for sale here.  The latest of everything that you suddenly Need To Have.  Well, some do.  I don’t. J  But it’s nice to see what is available in the world of electronics and communication… It’s also great to be able to visit stores that you only know by name, like Macy’s and Sears, to name a few.

Further we visited only shops to stock up on groceries and (a bit of) alcohol. Went home and watered the garden, picked a basket full of beautiful big tomatoes for a dinner dish and after dinner I had a nice chat with a friend on MSN (who went to bed far too late!) and meanwhile re-posted my blog update after its mysterious disappearance yesterday.

Again I would like to say that I appreciate that my story is being followed by a few people.  It’s nice to share, although I do apologise for it being in English as most of my readers are Dutch!  However, for the kids it would be too much to try and translate, and others can either read English or use a translator.  That reminds me that I still need to try and install one on my blog.  Will look into that later.

For now I am going to finish my glass of Australian (Yellow Tail) merlot and go to bed…

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  1. Ik lees trouw hoor!!!
    En engels of nederlands, dat maakt me gelukkig niet uit :-)
    Als je nog een tegenstander zoekt voor Wordfeud, mijn naam is grijzejager83


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