Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Another trip coming up

Saturday 13 October – Tuesday 16 October

Since we have arrived back home from our trip to New York City we have had a few quiet days catching up with reading the newspapers and work around the house, amongst other things.

While going out for groceries shopping we took some time out to visit a local craft shop.  Well, that was a big hit!  It was like Lincraft, Spotlight, and Riot’s all rolled into one! (For those not familiar with these types of stores, you might guess that we weren’t disappointed) ;-)

It took almost all afternoon to walk all the isles and of course we didn’t go home empty handed. They even had some dolls house and miniatures stuff, but I haven’t bought more than some small brass nails.  I may go back for some lights, because they were reduced in price and rather cheap.  The problem was that I couldn’t choose and I know for sure that I am not going to buy the lot!!!

I was very happy though, with new blades for my Fiskars paper cutter, because mine is almost 10 years old now and I haven’t seen the blades around anymore.  Frank bought a book on pencil drawing, but so far we haven’t even touched a pencil this holiday.  We should do something about that soon…

The rest of our spare time we have spent geocaching with the frustration and fun that go hand in hand with this adventure.  Since the mobile phone that I use for this doesn’t have coverage here, I had to spend a lot of time downloading the search areas through the wi-fi at home, and even then the map directions would not always work while on the road.  However, we have found a few and were happy enough with the result.  The main idea anyway is to spend some time outside, see a bit more of the area than you would normally do and have some fun.  We even received a Geocache ‘souvenir’, which was nice.
And even nicer was an email message with a hint when the owner of a cache noticed that we had been unsuccessful.  How kind! The strange thing with this one was, that we had looked in the right places and at the right parts, but… have probably not been able to open the actual container which is a ‘nano’ size.  We will be going back and hopefully it will be a bit warmer, because with cold fingers you don’t get very far.

The caches have lead us to the shores of Lake Erie, to the local cemetery, to a park, road sides and a school oval.  I will show a few pictures that we have taken:

Getting ready for some geocaching

At the Seaway Trail Centre - Lake Erie

A cache site called: Liberty Tree (but the actual cache was elsewhere)

Another cache site: Pirate's Booty

Hard to see, but there are a few deer grazing in the background.
This was at the cemetery.  A lovely quiet place for a walk, and we weren't the only ones!

I’ve also spent some time organising our next little trip. We will be staying with ATC members again for B&B, this time in Canada.  Tomorrow we’re going back to Niagara Falls, next to Toronto, then back to Niagara Falls and hopefully also to Niagara-on-the-Lake.  We drove through this little town on our first visit, but didn’t get to see a lot.  This time we hope to do better.  As with the last days here in Hamburg, the forecast is not too crash hot (pardon the pun), so we’ll just have to hope for the best.

The next update will most likely not be before we are back in Hamburg again, that should be Sunday.  See you then.

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