Saturday, 15 September 2012

Well, Buffalo just has to wait a bit longer.....

He we are, stuck in Los Angeles. :-(

All in all we didn't have a good start either.  My, no longer such a nice, next-door-neighbour and a friend of his caused problems the night before we were flying out, after they had had a bit more than a bit too much to drink, resulting in a night without sleep at all.  Three phone calls to the police, reporting the nuisance and threats that had been made, did not help much, so we left home at 5am after a sleepless night and hoped for the best.

There wasn't much traffic on the road for a change, so we made it to the airport without problems. We dropped the car off and the shuttle bus dropped us off in turn.  After checking in for the flight at 10.30am we made our way to the departure gate. We had a good flight with Qantas and we can't complain about the service.  Plenty of food, snacks and drinks during our flight and friendly faces all around.

We arrived at LAX in the early hours of the morning after a 12 hour flight.  To be exact, arrival was at 6.30am on the same day, because we were flying against the time and passed the date line on our way.

Weather in LA is fantastic, sunny and warm.  Following are a few impressions of our walk from the main arrival hall to terminal 7 to catch our flight to Chicago, or so we thought!

Again enough, but not too much, time to catch our next flight.  After printing out our boarding passes, and after having found out that we were a seat short on the flight to Buffalo, we made our way to the gate for boarding.  Finally we were all seated, only to be told that the plane wouldn't go anywhere, so would be please de-board! The plane apparently had a cracked windscreen that couldn't be repaired on the spot.

What a bummer.  Next we had fun lining up, literally for hours, at the service desk of United Airlines, almost asleep on our feet, to find out if and how we would make it to Buffalo.  Well, all they could offer was a late night flight to Newark (New Jersey) at 11.25pm and a connecting flight in the morning to Buffalo, where we would arrive at approx. 11.50am.

Luckily we had international roaming on our mobiles and I had the phone numbers handy, so we informed our hosts that we weren't going to make it that afternoon.  I am afraid a whole lot of plans had to be changed in Buffalo.  I really feel sorry for them too.

Anyway, here we are, 10.30pm and an hour away of our next flight.  It has taken me all day to get internet connection, otherwise I would have been able not only to update my blog sooner, but I could have also whiled the day away with playing Wordfeud on my mobile. :-)  However, having packed the adapter plug into our suitcases, my batteries would have run flat before long....

I think by now we are looking a bit worse for wear, having been without a good sleep for more than 48 hours.  I hardly ever sleep on the plane and I cannot recommend airport chairs as a substitute for a good bed....

Although, as you can see, that's what we both have done from time to time as waves of dizzy tiredness prompted us to have a bit of a snooze in the airport lounge.

Of course one has to eat and drink while waiting, and we both agreed, American food is not bad, although we didn't feel like eating more than a simple sandwich.  However, there's nothing like a 'simple' sandwich, but the bread was really fresh and tasted great. And here I am later on, trying to keep a brave face when updating my blog:

Hopefully I'll have more exciting news tomorrow.  Have to go, because the battery of my laptop is going too....

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