Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Monday 17 September

I am still a bit behind with my updates, but will get there soon enough, I hope.  Today Dave and Frank have gotten the bikes ready for us to ride.  We tried for a local ride through the streets first and past a petrol (gas) station to pump up the tyres.  It went alright, so we ventured a bit further and decided to go to Hamburg beach again.  We wanted to stop for lunch and noticed the little restaurant had opened up.  We enquired and discovered we were just lucky, because the lady had only opened up for the prisoners who did some work in the area and needed a feed.  However, she was happy to serve us as well.  We asked for a hamburger and got a bun with the meat and a whole range of little bowls with salad, tomato, etc. to make up our own hamburger.  So cute!  Her husband happened to be around and filled us in about places to go and to see in the area.  If he hadn't needed to go off to work he would have been our tour guide for the day! Such nice people.  After a further short ride we turned back and took pictures on the way:

It's autumn over here, so the early leaves are dropping

Autumn, what autumn?  It's still beautiful warm weather

Unfortunately the seat of my bike toppled backward and I had a hard time riding home. :-)

And just for James: Look, we are riding Haro bikes too!

At home Frank and Dave looked the bikes over and adjusted seat and handlebars for a more comfortable ride for me, because we are planning to do more bike riding...

Later in the evening Diane & Dave went and visited the family for a farewell dinner and I started working on my blog in all earnest.  For dinner we found a few left-overs in the fridge, so we didn't have to bother a lot about cooking.

Our holiday residence (I wouldn't call it a house :-))

Frank watching tv in comfort

I took a picture of the house, but it was too dark already to get a good view, so will take another one at a later stage.  Frank is enjoying himself in front of the tv with America's Funniest Videos while I am updating my blog.

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