Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Jetlag? What jetlag?

Sunday 16 September

Just kidding.  Of course one would have to have jetlag when travelling 14 hours back in time..... However, we were awake at nine am, so we didn't do too bad.  First coffee to wake up, followed by breakfast.  Frank did it the American way and went for bagels with cream cheese.  I needed something really light, because jetlag always upsets my stomach for the first few days, so I chose Greek yoghurt and a banana.

Next it was time to exchange a few thoughts with Diane and Dave and we kept ourselves busy with making plans, here and in Australia.  Whereas we hadn't planned a lot yet, they were all set to go to Sydney for a concert and opera in the Opera House, a trip to the Whitsundays to go snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef and a train trip to Longreach to experience the Outback.  All they needed to do was to fill in some details with our help.  Of course we are hoping to visit Niagara Falls, the Amish country, Toronto and New York City, but........ we haven't set a time yet and haven't made any definite plans.  We'll take it as it comes.  There is plenty to do and to see around here and we also want to do some walking and bike riding.

Since Diane and Dave are still busy with the preparations for their trip we are told we can take the jeep to familiarise ourselves with both the car and the surroundings.  Since we're so close to Lake Erie we decide to go there and have a look around.  There's a little beach where we get out of the car and have a look at the wind surfers.  

Wind surfers at Hamburg Town Beach on Lake Erie

Buffalo in the far distance
For a while we watched a man and a little boy feeding the sea gulls.

It was very windy (terrific for the wind surfers) and after a while we got hungry, so made our way to a local diner: Peg's Place where we had an interesting lunch served by a very friendly girl who enjoyed serving visitors from Australia and who gladly took our picture.

Lunch at Peg's Place, Hamburg NY
We had a good laugh after we got our plates and saw the chips.  When she asked if we wanted chips with our sandwich we automatically expected French fries, but....... it tasted good!

A serving of Southwestern Sandwich and chips
After this delightful lunch we made our way back home and were relieved that all had gone well.  We did use the GPS and a map and we drove on the right side of the road without too many problems....

Back at home I watered the plants, since Diane and Dave were busy and Dave and Frank put the bike rack on the back of the jeep.

The jeep with the bike rack in the driveway
We also had a dinner date with Dave's cousin Dave and his wife Sheryl at Rodney's restaurant in town.  Again a nice meal, preceded by a fresh salad, and...... here they are not too worried about health and safety, so I got a doggy bag to take my unfinished meal home! :-)

At home we discussed a few more aspects of our exchange and went to bed rather late (11pm) after a pleasant second day at our holiday address.

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