Tuesday, 18 September 2012

We made it after all

After an unusually long Friday, yes days apparently can last longer than 24 hours :-), we were on our way to Newark (New Jersey) where we arrived at 7.45am.  The flight was quite uneventful and I dozed a bit during the 5 hours we were in the air.  We could not recline our chairs as we were seated in the exit well, but at least we had a seat and were moving!

At our arrival the weather was cool but clear.  After a short search we discovered the shuttle bus that transported us from terminal C to terminal A. We were dying for breakfast and a cup of coffee, so first thing we did was find a coffee lounge and get ourselves something to eat.  While waiting for the next flight I managed to pick up the airport wi-fi and quickly left a message and photograph on fb.  Then my battery went flat!  Since I had already lost battery power on my laptop it was the last I could do for a while.

Newark airport, New Jersey
Leaving a message on fb

Again we had to be a little bit patient, because our next flight was delayed with 20 minutes.  We did survive that! Eventually we left at 10.45am.  I

Leaving Newark airport
Our small plane to Buffalo

Arriving in Buffalo
As you can see there was some cloud forming over Buffalo, but all in all it wasn't too bad after we had landed. Diane, our temporary hostess until they would fly out to Australia to live in our house for the next six weeks, had already arrived, as had our luggage, so we could leave straight away.

We had not met other then through our email correspondence, but we felt quite at ease with each other.  Diane gave us a tour of the house and Dave arrived home a little bit later from his trip to Albany.  As the weather was still fine we sat outside in the garden which overlooks a golf course.  No, no balls yet in our cups! :-)  Apparently the house is not quite in line with the tee-off.  Next door is though, and has already lost a window three times we were told....  Anyway, coffee, a chat and dinner from the barbie, called 'grill' here.  We ate the American way, which meant a salad first and then potatoes, vegies and meat.  And of course, apple pie for desert! Lovely.

After dinner we were set to watch a movie ("Robot"), but it was a little bit too much for our travel weary bodies, and so we went to bed at nine.  This must have been our longest day without real sleep in our lives: 77 hours.  I still can't believe we did that!!! Of course it wasn't all travel, I have counted the 23 hours of Thursday as well, because in actual fact we had not slept during the night before we left.....

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