Thursday, 20 September 2012


When we got up this morning the weather was fine again, so we quickly tidied up our room (we hadn't yet completely unpacked our suitcases) and decided that we would go and see Niagara Falls today.  We didn't have far to go, but it took some time altogether to get there with the help of the GPS and a couple of good maps.  Fortunately we never travel without our passports, because before we knew it we were on the Rainbow Bridge at the Canadian border and had to produce photo identification to enter the country.  Now we had heard that viewing the Falls would be better from the Canadian side, so we were happy that our short trip had taken us across the border.  We were keen to have a good look, but craved a cup of coffee, so we went in search for a coffee shop.  Boy, do they serve good coffee here, and the sizes are quite generous: a medium cup looked like we had a bucket full. ;-)

I am not going to write a lot about the rest of the day.  Just look at the pictures.  That'll do you for a while....

Horseshoe Falls with the American Falls in the back ground

No, it's not a bushfire like we thought at first when we saw this from miles away

The American Falls

Looking towards Rainbow Bridge

View from the left of the horseshoe

Seagull waiting for food

Funny looking transport :-)

View from further upstream

Plenty of rapids before the water reaches the falls

Walking upstream of the Niagara River

Nature Reserve at Dufferin Islands

Part of the old hydro-electric facility

An old stranded ship that had broken loose from its tug

Again part of the old hydro-electric facility

View from upstream

Walkway along the Niagara River

Rapids at the Nature Reserve

Dufferin Islands Nature Reserve

Rapids upstream

Abandoned Toronto hydro-electric facility

The Falls seen from a viewing deck

On the way to Niagara-on-the-Lake

We didn't get out of the car here, it was getting rather late in the day

View across Lake Ontario with Toronto in the distance

On Rainbow Bridge on the way back

Getting close to Buffalo and view over Lake Erie

Well, that's it for today.  We had a great time and will be going back to do the things we haven't been able to do today.  We had a nice long walk though upstream along the Niagara River and a short ride to Niagara-on-the-Lake which is on Lake Ontario, rather then Lake Erie.

We don't know yet, but we might book a B&B so we can stay a few days to explore the region, rather than cross the border every time, because even though it's not high season it is still very busy.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures.  Till next time.

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