Friday, 2 September 2016

Scotland - The Isle of Skye - part II

A few days at Dunvegan were enough to see the northern part of the island, but Elgol is worth a visit too, so we've been told.  Next we drive south and stay the night a Elgol and later along Loch Slapin. On the way to Elgol we enjoy a beautiful drive south of Struan and make a brief stop at Slagachan, where we read up on some information about the Cuillins.  We stop briefly for lunch at a nice spot on Loch Slapin before we end up at Elgol.

As Henny has left the group when at Ben Nevis, it's now only us four women together.  As the sun is out in its full glory the three Dutch women enjoy sunbathing at the little beach.  I have long ago learned to shy the sun, and can enjoy the beach at home every day if I would like to, so I want to do some more exploring and go on a short boat trip.

The trip brings me across from Elgol, closer to the Cuillins and Loch Coruisk and on the way we can see the Inner Hybrides.  Close to the other side the captain brings us close up to a spot frequented by seals who like to do their own 'sunbathing'.  It's a playful little group.

The next day Dieuwer, our painter in the group, finds a spot near the beach and harbour and spends her day painting.  Evelien and Ankie go for short walks and more sunbathing and I stay with the camper and enjoy another day of reading.

On the way back from Elgol we stop for the night at Loch Slapin.

 South of Struan



Information about the Cuillins

The heath is starting to bloom

Lunch stop along Loch Slapin

The cat catching his own lunch: a mouse




Evenlien and Ankie enjoying the sun

 Boat trip

Seals on the rock


 A short walk before the boat trip back to Elgol

Back at Elgol

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