Saturday, 3 September 2016

Back in Wales for a few days

Finally the day has come that I also have to say goodbye to Ankie, even though it's probably only temporarily.  We say our goodbyes at Inverness airport and I get on the plane to Manchester.  It's a lovely flight in a small plane, so I see a lot of the countryside before we land.

In Manchester Dianne is waiting and it's so good to see her again.  She's been travelling all by herself for a while and we even missed each other by a hair's breadth at The Shambles in York a fortnight ago!

Dianne takes me to Denbigh where she's staying and where I will be staying too for the next two nights.  We're with members of Women Welcome Women World Wide (5Ws for short) in a lovely cottage which is part of a bigger estate.
 Friends of our hosts are visiting and we spend a lovely evening together.

The following day however will be spend at LLangollen.  As you may know by now Dianne and I love geocaching and attending Mega Geocaching Events and there is a Mega at LLangollen.  My sole reason for being back in North Wales and a good one at that! :-)

We spend the whole day at the Mega. We meet other like-minded people, find caches at the event and around the village and have a terrific time all around.  I also meet another cacher from the Netherlands with whom I promised to keep in touch. It's not the first, and will probably not be the last friend I make through geocaching!

On Sunday we take leave from our hosts at Denbigh and prepare for the long drive to London, but first we visit Denbigh Castle.  We walk around, take pictures and find a few caches.  We also find one along the motorway to London.

In London we stay at an airb&b in Enfield, because we are in for an early rise the next day.  Our flight to Torino is booked for 8:30h.  There's more to this story, but I will tell you about it in my next posting.



The cottage in which we stayed

Note near the entrance of the estate




Yes, we did see them, but too late to take a photo

Signing my attendence

British Sign Language Choir - Beautiful!


No idea who they were, but they landed in a field nearby



Caches at Llangollen


REALLY SideTracked - Llangollen (cache)

Church Micro 5780...Llangollen - Methodist (cache)


The Eisteddfod Stones (cache)

 Over the bridge (cache)

Riverside Walk 1 (cache)

Riverside Walk 2 (cache)


Denbigh Castle


A house nearby - not part of the castle

The Burgess Gate




 Caches around Denbigh Castle


 The Nostalgia Trail #3 Denbigh 1 (cache)


The Townsman's Gate (cache)

 Cache along the motorway to London


Motorway Mayhem M6 Corley services Southbound (cache)

 And that is just about it until my next posting, which will come from Italy. See you then...

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