Saturday, 8 December 2012

Singing In The Rain turns to Dancing In The Snow

Friday 7 December

We haven't planned much for today and while I am still lazing around with my new toy, the Kindle (eReader for those who are not familiar with the name), friend Leonie rings on Skype.  It's nice to have a chat about everyday life and it never needs to take long when you talk to each other regularly the way we do.  Leonie shows me (hooray for the laptop and camera) her Christmas tree and further decorations and I can show her that it is......... snowing!

Yes indeed, the first timid snowflakes are falling when we are talking, but by the time we have finished it has started in all earnest.  In no time the ground is covered with a thin layer of the white stuff and by 11am we have a small snow storm on our hands.  By then we are already wrapped up and walking in the snow.  It is very cold, but oh so invigorating.  We walk to the village of Montfalcon and next up the hills in search of the ruins of the feudal castle.  It makes for a nice walk, but to be honest, by the time we have visited the castle we are ready to go home again.  The snow is driven horizontally by the wind and is quite stinging, but I wouldn't want to have missed this walk for the world.

A row of plane trees (sycamores) on the road to Montfalcon

Detail of the tap

The church at Montfalcon

The road leading into the hills

Ruins of the feudal castle of Montfalcon

Trees in front of the house (later in the day)

The sun comes out for a moment

I guess these pictures speak for themselves.  It's still quite cold, so I suspect we will wake up in a white world tomorrow morning.


  1. Schitterende foto's Marion. Moet toch wel een belevenis zijn omdat jullie rond deze tijd zeker geen sneeuw zijn gewend (helemaal niet toch?)
    xxx Ria

  2. Idd, Ria. Sinds 1986 geen sneeuw meer gezien. Althans niet in deze vorm. Wel een keer wezen skieën en een gletscher bezocht in NZ maar dat is weer heel anders. Vandaar dat we zo gek waren om gisteren in de sneeuwbui te gaan wandelen :-)


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