Sunday, 9 December 2012

A quiet Saturday

Saturday 8 December

Indeed, when we get up this morning the world around us is still white, even whiter actually, because it seems we've had more snow during the night.  The roads are clear though and at around nine the snow ploughs come around and clear the driveways as well.  What a service!

While waiting for the baker to arrive I prepare my shopping list for the week and like last week, include extra food items in case we'll get heavier snowfalls which would make the roads too dangerous.  From here to St. Etienne de St. Geoirs, where we do our weekly shopping, the roads lead up and down hill and are winding in places.  Not a good combination when it gets slippery!

The baker('s wife) is late to-day, but given the weather and road conditions early in the morning it is understandable. By now she knows exactly the kind of bread we like and has made it available.  I ask her the name of it, because it is not 'pain complet' (wholemeal), which I thought it was. It is a lot lighter in texture and tastes terrific.  We get the usual croissants and baguette and of course gateaux.  We ask her if we can take a picture and she's fine with that, so here goes:

We finish lunch, which we had already started, and then leave for St Etienne to do our shopping.  It's dry to-day, safe for a very fine sprinkling of powdery snow, and now and then the sun peeks through the clouds to set part of the hills in the distance alight.  So, not much to write about to-day, but instead I'll show you a few more pictures of our white world:

If the roads are still passable tomorrow we are going to the Christmas Market at St Antoine L'Abbaye and also visit Gabrielle and Bernard (René's sister and brother-in-law).  See you then...

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