Monday, 17 December 2012

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 December

Since we had planned to stay quietly at home for the weekend I don't have a lot to report.  On Saturday we waited for the bread to be delivered, after which we got the car and drove to Viriville, a little village some 10 minutes from here.  We had to see the mechanic for the brake lights had been coming on and something also has started to beep.  Since we have to drive to Valence tomorrow we didn't want to take any chances of the car (brakes) playing up.  The mechanic didn't think it was a huge problem, but couldn't tell for sure what exactly caused the problem without having a proper look and for that we would have to return with the car on Monday.  Well, after a brief explanation he understood our dilemma and we agreed that we would return next Friday, since he didn't think we would have problems driving to Valence.  Let's keep the fingers crossed!

While we were at Viriville we also had a quick look around the place, took a few pictures and went back home again.

The tower of the Feudal Castle that I hadn't been able to photograph earlier

Fountain at Viriville
Frank taking pictures...

...and Marion taking pictures

On Sunday we wanted to sleep in, having nothing planned, so we got up very late, had breakfast and.... the next thing I knew there was a knock on the door.  The neighbours, Mireille and Bernard came to pay us a visit!  Of all days this one had to be the one that we were late and I wasn't even dressed.  Well, they didn't seem to be too worried...  Frank made coffee and I quickly threw on some clothes and we had a pleasant morning together.  I spoke a little French, Bernard spoke a little English and so the four of us had an interesting conversation over coffee.  We learned a lot about each other, about Australia, and about France.

It's late in the afternoon now and in the meantime we have packed, because we are going to Paris tomorrow, as I mentioned earlier.  Since we are not allowed to take the car for distances beyond 350 km we drive to Valence and pick up a hire car there which we have already booked.  We could have taken the train (the TGV), which would have taken us to Paris in 1 h and 15 mins, but we prefer to drive the 500 kms.  It's just as far for us as it will be for my brother and his wife, who are coming to Paris as well.  The four of us will be staying till Thursday and are planning to spend a day at Euro Disney and a day in Paris.  I am not taking my laptop, so the next update will have to wait till at least Friday.  See you then.

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