Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Disneyland Paris

Wednesday 19 December

For today there are probably more pictures than anything else. What else is there to tell anyway?  We get up, have another enjoyable breakfast together, and catch the train to Disneyland.  The day is cold, very cold, but dry at the start, so that's something.

This year is Disney Paris' 20th anniversary

Get the maps out.  Where do we start?
Even Disneyland needs a police force???

And juice for the cars???

In style.  Just a magic Christmas tree

Everyone takes a picture here.  Why not we?

A lttile bit more magic...

Haven't got a clue who he is, but he's harmless enough ;-)

Recognise the castle?

Inside Sleeping Beauty's castle

Ornaments outside
A view from the castle
The inner workings of a popcorn machine ;-)


I think this was It's a Small World

Lunchtime parade

It's even snowing on and off today! Surely that's magic?

One guess who this is...

To be honest, I am still guessing on those.
Haven't kept up with the times (sigh)

However, I am old enough to know who these are ;-)

Walt himself is even present in the park

The Tower of Terror, which we gave a big berth

Frank's favourite: Ratatouille

One more then?

Getting ready for the big parade

Plenty of folks, and it's not even school holidays yet

Start of the big parade

It's getting dark

While waiting for the light show...

...we all have a ride... the carousel

The atmosphere at night...

This is part of the light show, but of course something like that needs to filmed...

and this is goodbye
It doesn't show in the pictures, but the last part of the day was not the most pleasant one where the weather was concerned.  On the whole I must say that I wasn't impressed with the fact that many attractions were closed in both parks, Disneyland and Disney Studios, as well as restaurants and such.  It made for very long waiting times and there wasn't enough seating inside in most places where you could eat.  On a cold and windy day you want to be inside for most of the time and not waiting outside.  There is enough of that when waiting for the parades to start and at the end of the day for the light show to begin.  We tried to keep ourselves occupied by having a round in the carousel, but all in all we had to wait for more than an hour between the parade and the light show.  It started to rain and by the time the light show had finished we were quite frozen.  However, the light show was everything it promised to be.  Fan-tas-tic!  It was all laser, fire, water organs and fire works.  Quite spectacular and worth waiting for.  When that had finished we went to the Village which is open after the parks close and where you find many restaurants and souvenir shops.  Clever!  Anyway, we discovered a beautifully appointed classic pub-like restaurant where we had dinner, too tired to go to the hotel to eat in their restaurant.  The food was fabulous, albeit expensive of course, but with a glass of wine it was a complete feast.  After our train ride home we finished the day as usual in the hotel lounge with a few drinks and lots of talking.  Our last night together!

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