Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Staying at Bathurst

Thursday August 17 till
Monday August 21, 2017

The story of my time here with Vivienne will be a bit condensed as we don't do overly much (besides talking!) and it wouldn't be interesting to tell you from day to day what I had or breakfast, lunch and dinner, how cold it was, what time I had my shower or whatever else I would be doing.  You would NOT be interested, I can tell you that! :-)

Let's go back to Thursday then.  It was cold and windy, but pleasant enough in the sunshine, so we scrounged around in the fridge for food and went for a drive in the motorhome, as Vivienne likes to come with me to search for a few geocaches.  Although we're never very successful in Bathurst (and we don't seem to be the only ones, seeing the various logs) we still can have some fun together.  However, as things didn't go to plan we were late leaving and still things weren't going quite to plan!
We had decided to drive to Oberon, but nearly halfway on the road I remembered that I should have gotten fuel, so we had to return to Bathurst (the closest stop), fill up and make our way back again.

In the meantime we had searched for, and found, our first (and only!) cache for the day.

And from here on I am going to be very brief, because my updated failed to save, so I lost all my work and I don't feel like doing it all over again.  :-(

Cache found:

#1681 - More Power

The next cache, called Fordson (brand name of tractors) we didn't find, but I have a picture of myself sitting in the driver's seat.

A bit further down the road we stopped for lunch, which we had in the motorhome because of the cold and windy weather, and went to search for another cache we couldn't find.

In Oberon we walk through the main street, search for yet another cache which also ends up as a DNF and buy a lovely gelato ice cream.  Then we reurn to Bathurst.

On Friday we stay home, save for a short trip to the chemist for me to fill some scripts and for headache tablets.  (Nothing unusual!)

On Saturday we visit Viv's friend Pam and her husband, whom I both know and we had a pleasant afternoon together.

On Sunday it as was a day at home again.  Only another quick trip to the shops for groceries.  After that we started on Viv's assignment for the course she's taking.  A lot of writing involved, including writing a synopsis and designing a number of forms.

As Viv is not very computer literate and has just bought a new computer she needed some help to get her going.  We started briefly, but as time was limited we kept it to the basics.  I started typing and she worked on her forms.

On Monday it was more of the same.  A lot of writing for Viv and typing for me, but by 3pm, when she needed to leave for her class, it was all done.  Upon her return she was very happy with a 90% result for her work.

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