Friday, 25 August 2017

A few days more in Bathurst

Wednesday August 23, 2017

Wednesday was a day of 'hard work' at home.  Viv has enrolled in a course at TAFE and it's full on.  As she has just bought a new computer and is not proficient on it she had a real hard time, because the course is completely computer based.  As one may expect in this day and age.  So, the first few assignments and projects were written out by Viv and I typed them for her as there was no time for her to do it all.

On Wednesday though, we started a crash course on using Word and the internet, and it only dawned upon me how much we do know when we use the technology daily.  Cut and paste are common jargon for us, but not for Viv, so imagine all the rest.... But, with a few late nights (12 pm or later) we are getting there. And as a bonus I now know how to do intake, health assessments, and design specialised forms like referrals, surveys, etc.  ;-)

 Thursday August 24, 2017

As it still is very cold out here we don't get up early and wait till the sun peeps around the corner in the sun-room.  There we have our breakfast, morning coffee and chat.

Later in the day we went to the shops for some groceries.  I am amazed (and slightly upset) about the cheaper prices for fruit and vegetables which are of a much better quality than in our shops in SE Queensland.  Strawberries e.g. come from Queensland of all places, and are cheaper here!  We pay $2.50 or more for a punnet, while the same strawberries here cost only $1.66, and that goes for other wares as well.  One sometimes wonders.....

 Anyway, that aside (I had my whinge) we had a bit of time to spare and Viv asked if there were any caches around.  Yes, there were, but..... of course we couldn't find the bulk of them. Again!  I don'tknow what it is with caches in Bathurst, and I said it before, looking at the logs we're not the only ones.

We did find one, though. At last! :-)

#1683 - --- -- ti do (cache)

The cache was hidden near the wast water plant where I had earlier found the dump point.  I didn't know at the time, of course, but it didn't really matter.  Today we were in the area anyway, after having unsuccessfully searched for three other caches, and had a nice walk of approx. 200m to the cache.  It was an easy find, although I still don't know what to fill in at --- -- ti do. ;-)

By then my phone battery was flat, and since I hadn't known beforehand that we were going to look for caches I had not taken my dedicated caching GPS.  So, time to go home.

Viv cooked a delicious dinner, as usual, and the rest of the evening we worked again hard on her assignments.  

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