Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Can't seem to get enough

Sunday June 23, 2013

Kevin and I hadn't really planned anything else for the day, so he suggested we do some more geocaching after lunch.  We prepared a list and went to the nearest sites on the main land.

Big Bugs at Turners Camp is the second one on the list. (The first one we'd passed before we knew it...)  It's close to the water and GZ (ground zero) is surrounded by mangroves.  Just as well it's low tide, because even now, after all the rain we've had, it is still mushy underfoot.  We seem to have found a trail and follow that.  Kevin discovers a bird's nest and takes a photo of the bird that's hiding inside:

Only the tail of the bird is visible
In the meantime I keep searching for the cache.  The log should tell me what to look for and when I do find it I understand what people were talking about, but had not quite foreseen that it would look like what I got to see... A very pretty cache and good hide. The log was quickly signed and we tried to make our way back to the car while keeping our feet dry.

On the track back to the car

Don't P.A.F. PAF stands for Phone A Friend and that's something we weren't allowed to do, but would have liked to if we had known a friend to ring..... :-)  Obvious deduction: we didn't find this cache!

The Ningi Thingy!  A puzzle cache for which we had to find details to complete the co-ordinates for GZ.

The Ningi Thingy!

GZ was easily found and the cache after some searching close to the ground!  This cache contained a TB (The Ghost Who Walks), which I picked up and I left TB Ledu behind.  Finally a cache big enough to hold this dear little thing.  We shouldn't have worried about the size of the container though, because Kevin retrieved the TB and could have done that anywhere, but it never occurred to us to do so...

The Ghost Who Walks at The Ningi Thingy

The Ningi Ghost House  We had to jump in the car again for a ride further down the road and passed the side road (a bit more like a track) before we knew it, so on the roundabout we made a u-turn and then on to the dirt track.  We followed this for a mere 400m (I think.  It could have been closer to 700....) and stopped close to the given co-ords.  The light was fading, and the compass didn't work very well under the tree cover, but it was not too hard to find the cache.  I did so again this time, while Kevin had found the one at The Ningi Thingy!.

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