Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A day in the city

Tuesday June 11, 2013

As Kevin had to go into the city for his passport we decided to make it a "geocaching day in the city".

Business done we headed down for a cup of coffee first, because it was a cool, rainy day for starters.  After coffee we did a search for the nearest cache, which appeared to be further down the road from the coffee shop in Adelaide Street.  It took a while before the penny dropped, and had we given the name of the cache some more thought we would have found it much faster. :-)  The cache name was: Walkover Adelaide.  The hint was: bus lane!  I had a good laugh, because it was a very clever hide. Of course Kevin found this one.  He's the clever one. LOL

Walkover Adelaide

The skies cleared a bit and after that it became a very nice day after all.  The next cache took a bit of a walk up hill and we were warned that it was a micro.  Thus, very small!  And small it was.  Following the directions and the hint it was a quick find for me this time (February 29 was its name):

Small?  Look at the rolled up logbook...

The next one on the list was The Windmill, Queensland's most found geocache.  There was also some history attached to this cache, because it was hidden close to Queensland's oldest surviving building: The Windmill, built in 1828 by convicts to grind flour and maize meal, food for the Moreton Bay penal settlement. Kevin noticed the cache from a distance near my feet, while I was actually standing next to it (however, it was impossible for me to see it).

The Windmill
We skipped a puzzle cache, because I still need to solve the puzzle before we go back to look for the cache.  So, we walked on to the Board Gardens where we had a bit of fun.  This one was not easy, so after an hour of searching high and low we sat down on a bench and within a few minutes we discovered a young man who seemed to be searching for a cache.  You get to know them: GPS in hand and looking everywhere around them... ;-)  After a while he disappeared but a mature aged couple arrived on the scene.  The woman with a GPS in her hand, the man also searching everywhere.  We got up and walked past them, and I casually asked: "You're not geocachers by any chance?"  Of course they were!  So we got to talk about our experiences (they were a bit more experienced than we, by roughly 400 caches!) and were on holidays from down south, filling in time looking for caches close to their hotel.  After a while Kevin and I went on with our search and finally discovered the cache at a place where I thought it would be, but I had not been able to see it.  It was only after Kevin replaced it that I recognised it for what it was.  Good fun and time for lunch...

Quite near the cache was a beautiful 'wall garden'
After lunch we still had a bit more time on our hands, so on to the next one: City Plaza.  Here we must have forgotten to take a picture, because I can't find one.  I can always pinch one from the geocaching site... ;-)


This was an easy one which I had in my hand before I even knew it...

Then on to the last one.  As easy as....  We walked through a small lane and Kevin (having seen the hint, which litterally described what we were looking for and where) had already noticed it as soon as we'd turned the corner.  So, this was an easy grab and the last one for the day: Raid on the Government Printer.

As we still had plenty of time left for the afternoon we walked on towards the riverside where we discovered a small museum, the second oldest surviving building of Brisbane, where we spent the rest of the afternoon with a guide who told and showed us a lot about the history of Brisbane and its buildings.

A day well spent!

PS  There was one more cache on the way to the train station, but it was an earth cache and I still have to submit the answers to be able to log it, so a picture only at this time:


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