Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Another bike ride and more caches

Sunday June 23, 2013

After a few very busy days Kevin and I needed a break and what better to do than going on a bike ride in search of geocaches.  This trip was again with our bike group and we found ourselves with three more members interested in learning more about geocaching.  I still don't have a camera, so I am waiting for pictures to come in later so that I can place them on the blog.

Sunday morning, perfect weather with clear skies, albeit some of us thought it a bit cool, hence the beanies underneath the helmets!  Our group (seven this time) take off to the first cache on the list, Here (4), one that we also did last week.  Our newbies had a go at this one, while we tried to keep a straight face while watching them. ;-)

Here (4)

The next cache was placed in a children's playground and was aptly called Pirate Park.  While searching for the cache a few young pirates came up to us before we realised it and started copying us.  When I asked what they were looking for they said that they didn't know.  So what were we looking for? I told them we were looking for a walking fish (since we were very close to the water's edge).  "A Mexican walking fish?" they asked.  Kevin told them it came from somewhere else and they soon lost interest, so we kept on searching with a positive result.

Pirate Park

Sail away at Bob's Pond was the next one on the list.  I had done this one with the grand children and thus knew exactly where it should be.  However, as nobody could find it they had to log a DNF.  Kevin went in search along the water's edge and discovered a lid of a systema container that I thought I recognised as the cache lid.  We had had an enormous amount of rain the last few days, so we suspected that it had been washed away in the water from the ledge on which it sat.

Sail Away at Bob's Pond

Creative Hub was the next one.  It's on the main road again, close to the arts centre.  At first my coordinates sent me to the middle of the road, but that changed and soon I had the little cache in my hands.  The owner had used a similar trick as to one of the caches that we'd found in France.  So, once you get to know these little tricks it's becoming a little bit easier...

Creative Hub

Walk the Water Hole was the last one we did together with the group.  It's the one I did with the grandchildren behind the arts centre and near the pond with the waterlilies.  Kevin found this one, while one of the others was almost standing on top of it without realising it.

A beautiful Banksia flower in the native garden

Walk the Water Hole
We all had a cup of coffee at the arts centre and after that, it being nearly lunchtime, we went on our way home.

Coffee at the Arts Centre

Kevin and I tried the Bribie Islands Life Style again, but to no avail.  We really suspect that this one has gone walkabout.

Closer to home Kevin wants to try the Full Head of Steam again.  The one we tried back in January and I discovered recently. Tired of all the bike riding I sat down on a bench and watched Kevin searching.  Didn't take him very long, although he could have done better... LOL  Ah well, granted, it was a very tricky one!

Marion waiting in company of two birds behind her

Read on to see what we did during the rest of the day...

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