Thursday, 3 September 2015

Geocaching at Echteld and a few days at home

Monday, August 31, 2015

For Monday the forecast had been for cooler and wet weather, but we were lucky, we had a great sunny day and it was quite warm.

Nicole and I were going to meet halfway between Houten and Wijchen and therefore we'd settled on Echteld.

Nicole had brought their folding bikes, so set off on our bikes in search of a few caches. It actually got quite hot and I was grateful I didn't have to wear a helmet like we have to do in Australia.  It would've been all too much in the heat.

The ride through the polders was beautiful.  Finding caches only a bonus where I'm concerned!  If there'd be anything I'd miss at home is the carefree bike riding through the lovely green and wide polders.

We did find a few caches though, and a few we didn't.

Bomentrail #8 Treurwilg


Bomentrail #5 Es





Bomentrail #9Lindeboom



Having learned my lesson in Houten where we needed a magnet to extract a cache I'd bought a strong telescopic magnet with light at the Mega in Germany.  This one helped a lot when we had to 'fish' for a cache in the tube.


Bomentrail #1 Paardenkastanje    


Horse chestnut - see the horse in the chestnut? :-)

Even though we didn't find all the caches we had an enjoyable afternoon. We ended up with five.  Just enough to feel we'd achieved something.  

The CO of the caches, with whom I had had contact about a puzzle cache lived along the trail.  They'd invited us for coffee, but they weren't home at the time we passed through.  Never mind, it'd been a kind gesture.  Who knows, we might take them up on it next time (when I'm in the Netherlands ;-))

Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept 1 & 2, 2015

We mainly had a few quiet days at home.  On Tuesday I did some groceries shopping and picked up Leonie and Ferdy from the train in Nijmegen.

On Wednesday we also stayed home.  Leonie wanted to catch up on some washing after their trip to Paris; we got some more groceries and after dinner we had a short walk through the immediate area.

The weather has turned quite cool.  The sun is still out, but doesn't bring any warmth.  However, seeing the sun from behind the windows is pleasant enough compared with overcast days.

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