Monday, 3 November 2014

Just two more in the Redlands

Friday, October 31, 2014

While in the Redlands to look after the grandchildren and staying on a bit I had to go for a drive to Redland Bay, so I decided to pick up a few caches on the go.  It didn't quite work that way, because of the total four that I tried I found only two!  My GPS is not always very accurate and when looking for one cache it sending me to the middle of a bare field, while I knew I had to look close to the nearest big wall.  However, even knowing that I still couldn't find the cache.  No. 3 had a specific description of where to look, and I used the hint since I wasn't going to hang around and look suspicious for long, but even that didn't help me.  In saying that, there were two enormous 4WDs in the way who block my view and restricted my movements.  Perhaps better luck next time.

I did find:

RBBW - Oh! Brother.

Yes, in the tree hollow!


Get the Whird out

The black stump on the left

This last one was in an environmental park at Thorneside where I have found a few more when doing some geocaching with James. I got this one done just before I had to pick him up from school.  There is another recently placed cache and a puzzle cache which I only solved last week.  Something for next time I guess.

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