Sunday, 7 September 2014

What a Wappa Event

Sunday, August 31, 2014

On Sunday we had registered for another event at the Wappa Dam, close to Nambour, north from where I live: "What a Wappa Event". 

This time Adele, Kevin and the children would be present.  They picked me up at my, now usual, pick-up spot at McDonald's on the highway, which saves people the 40 minute round-trip to Bribie Island.

Close to the event Kevin picked up a few caches on the way that I had already found when I went to Dunethin Rock a few weeks ago.  We arrived early and greeted the others who were arriving gradually.

Next we were handed a sheet with a new multi cache that hadn't been published yet.  This, we were told, would take us a while to do, but we would be back in time for lunch and the raffles.  It wasn't to be.  We took fairly long to complete the multi and we didn't even walk the whole tour, which we were meant to do.

Pictures are yet to follow, because my camera batteries went flat almost straight after arrival.

After lunch, we hadn't missed any prizes in the raffles by the way, we received the instructions for the caches for the afternoon.

There were two regulars and a multi to be found.  All three were walks through the beautiful area around the dam and in the forest and near a rocky outcrop with a waterfall.

Since most people left rather early in the afternoon, and it being too late for a hike up the hillside, we decided to pack up and go in search of a few caches around Nambour on the way back.  We walked the Dinosaur Trail and found the cache at the Old Sugar Mill. All caches that I already had done with Heather and Colin on the way home from Dunethin Rock.

Since it got rather late after the long walk we had dinner on the go and made our way home.  We had a nice day, but for some reason or other rather tiring.

As I didn't have the pictures at the time of writing this update I am placing them at a later date (9/9/14).  As it is, we haven't been able to log the caches for a while either, because it took a long time to get them published as there seemed to be a little problem we were told.  Anyway, here goes:

a paw paw hat

(anagram for What a Wappa, the name of the event)

a paw paw hat two 

Turkey Nest 

Native Dog Flat 

Unfortunately we didn't have time for pictures of the old buildings in the town of Yandina where we did the multi in the morning.  It would have made a nice collection.  This last one of GZ will have to do...

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