Saturday, 13 September 2014

Albany Creek

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I seem to be doing an awful lot of caching these days, but seriously, I don’t mind. ;-)

Today I was in Albany Creek and had the day to myself, so after finishing a book that I was reading for the book club I decided to go out and find a few caches in the area.

There was a series of 8 caches that I could walk, one opposite the grounds and one on the way, so that’s where I stopped first.

Community Church 

For the Community Church I wanted to find a parking spot off the road, but could not get to the cache from the parking lot, so parked on the roadside, hoping I would find the cache quickly, which I did.  Signed the log, took a picture and that was that.

The next 8 caches were all in a park and not too far from each other.  I generally took 10 minutes from finding one to the next, and, including the walking time to and from the car I think I managed it in just over an hour-and-a-half.

Scrabble Scramble #1 


Scrabble Scramble #2

Part of the bush track

Scrabble Scramble #3

Spring: Purple Pea Bush in flower

Scrabble Scramble #4

Scrabble Scramble #5

Scrabble Scramble #6

Scrabble Scramble #7 

Scrabble Scramble #8 

And this is what I found in every container:

Scrabble letters

There’s also a Scrabble Scramble Finale, but to find the last one I had to find Scrabble letters in each cache plus the question of which the answer could be formed by sorting the letters.  Suffices to say that I took note of all the letters, but didn’t notice the questions!  In the end I didn’t have to go back for them, because after having had a good look at all the letters (and being an avid scrabble player) I did find all the words anyway.  The numbers of the words formed the coordinates, after I’d done some calculations, and at the first check discovered that they were correct.  So, next time when I will be in the area I can go back in search of the final one.

Opposite the spot where my car was parked another cache was hidden.

Not Chinaman’s Creek

This also was a reasonably easy one, for tall people that is, and I could sign the log, take pictures and next I was on my way home.

In the meantime I am filling some spare hours writing this blog update and solving some geocaching puzzles.  Another addiction!

Till next time.

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