Sunday, 19 January 2014

Visiting Russell Island

Saturday, January 18, 2014

We still have some time on our hands now and then and make good use of it.  On Saturday I planned to visit Russell Island to check on our house that has been empty since the middle of last year.  It's for sale, and neighbours are keeping an eye on it, but from time to time I want to catch up with the real estate agent as well.

All was well and Kevin and I managed to go for the one cache within walking distance (for lack of available transport on the island) and found it in no time after a short walk in the hot afternoon sun.

I have also bought a new GPS and wanted to try it out, but no luck yet.  My downloaded caches would not appear.  One always has to learn a lot when buying new gadgets...

Slow Progress

A nice and easy find, but unfortunately I am a slow learner (or can I say 'we'!), because even with a camera in my backpack I forgot to take a picture.  This cache is hidden in a small, but beautifully landscaped park near the jetty, so we could fit it in on the way back before catching the ferry to the main land.  A few years ago this area was only a park in name, but now it has walking tracks, BBQs and gazebos.  It's a nice spot to take children out for a run and some fun...

S V Wheeler - Soldier of Supreme Sacrifice

On the way to our car in the parking area on the main land I remembered another cache in the area.  It wasn't where I first thought it would be, because of the name.  There is an ANZAC memorial close to the parking lot, but the actual cache was close to where the barge leaves to Stradbroke Island.

S V Wheeler - Soldier of Supreme Sacrifice

A beautiful blue beetle on the tree trunk

Close-up of the beetle
Anyway, we found GZ along the road side, and the cache.  We are still puzzled about the name and the hint which leads us to believe that something must have changed since this cache was first published.

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