Sunday, 5 January 2014

A game of golf on a hot Sunday

Sunday, 5 January, 2014

St. Andrews - Warrigal

Colin teaching me how to hold the golf club

And now for a big swing

Noticed something unusual? No?  Well, I don't play golf much, or rather, not at all, but I know that this doesn't quite look like an ordinary golf course, and... it wasn't.

It's a multi cache presented as a golf course in an area where long ago an 11-hole golf course was planned on the southside of Brisbane.

Now being a member of two facebook geocache groups I yesterday noticed an invitation by a geocacher to come along and do this multi cache together in a group.  As I very much like to go geocaching in company and didn't know much yet about waypoints, I thought it a good idea to join in.

This morning I made an early trip to Runcorn and met with a group of people just before nine am.  They were Colin (who I already knew), Peter, Ralph, Kylie, Julie and Rachel.  Barb (who I met at the last event) arrived a little later.

Colin arrived in style with his golf clubs and had pictures taken all the way down the track. I just have to borrow them from the geocaching site, as non-members will not be able to see them otherwise.  I don't think he'll mind:

Hole 1 Tee off
Hole 3 fairway.  Grass is just a bit long
Just hoping not to get zapped here
Hole 4 fairway, more like an obstacle course
Balance problems for hole 5 tee off
Hole 5 fairway
Hole 6 tee off
So close to the green
Hole 7 tee off
Hole 8 putt putt course
Hole 8 tee off
Elevated tee off at hole 10

After this entertaining photo series you would really think Colin had been playing golf, but the poor guy, besides helping us finding the tags for the waypoints he had to lug his golf caddy around the 'course' going under roads and over waterways, and as you saw at hole 4, across numerous fallen trees.

We had a great time though, although it was hot and sticky under an overcast sky. I have a few more pictures of my own.  Not half as entertaining, but I'd rather show them anyway:

Rachel, Ralph and Kylie

Colin preparing for his photoshoot
Got there...
Barb, Colin, Peter, Julie and Rachel
Most of the tags were rather easy finds on trees and/or fence posts.  A few had to be looked for very hard and one of them couldn't be found.  Peter rang the CO who gave us the necessary details to carry on.  This was legitimate, because the tree on which the tag had been attached had been cut down and without the tag we would not have been able to finish the course.

The cache, when we finally found it, had been very well hidden, but was discovered in the end and we all got to sign the log.  

On the way we walked past a traditional cache:

Looking for Wally

which I was lucky enough to find, so was happy to be able to sign another log for the day.  One cache to show for three hours work would have been very little result for the time spent...

The picture of this cache can be seen above at: Hole 8 tee off.

When I left early in the morning I had plans to do some more geocaching on the way back home, but finally seated in my airconditioned car, tired, flustered and drenched with perspiration, I had no urge other than to go home, have a shower and lie down for an hour or so, and afterwards watch the tennis. Regrets?  None!  It was a perfect day despite the heat.

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