Sunday, 18 March 2018

OzGeoMuster 1

As before I never got around to fill in the last weeks of a long holiday.  If I will ever update it you will see it, if not, I can tell you that my time overseas was fabulous and I arrived home safely.

At the moment, which is the 18th of March 2018, I am already on my way on a new adventure.  Dianne and I are going the the OzGeoMuster, a geocaching Mega event in Morisset, NSW.  We take our time getting there and have left a good fortnight before the actual date.

On Friday I have packed my camper and picked up Dianne at home, after which we drove past Stephen's at Thorneside to pick up some goods and travelled on to Keven's block of land where we stayed the night as there was no suitable free camp close to Toowoomba.

On Saturday morning we visited Patricia at her home in Toowoomba and an old friend and buddy from my university years, Jennifer and her husband Scott and children at Mt. Luke, just north of Toowoomba.  They have just moved there and intend on doing some small scale pig farming.  We had a great time catching up and could camp overnight as well as they have 10 acres of land.

This morning, Sunday, we left and met Patricia on the way after which we had lunch at Jackie Howe Park (picnic grounds) along the highway near Warwick.

After Warwick, on the way to Stanthorpe, we discovered a short trail of geocaches which were manageable with two campers (think of parking) and so we already have four caches under our belts.

#1836 - It's Over Here

#1837 - Plane Spotting

#1838 - Turna Here

1839 - Overhead Power

That's all for today.  We are now camped for the night at Jim Mitchell Park (#676) just north of Stanthorpe. 

The plan is to do some geocaching at Stanthorpe tomorrow.  There are a lot of caches left over from the Mega two years ago, as you can't do them all in a few days.  Our best record so far was a power trail over there and we scored 105 caches in one day!  Let's see how we go tomorrow.  Don't expect a repeat.  Don't even expect anything close.

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