Thursday, 16 November 2017

France - Saturday and Sunday (Home & American War Cemetery)

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Saturday was one of our indoor days again, as the weather was still not crash hot (pun intended!)

I think I did a lot of research for possible house exchanges for the coming year, but I can honestly not remember anything else, so whatever we or I did can not have been overly important. ;-)

Sunday, 12 November 2017

First thing in the morning I tried to skype with another 'birthday boy' in the Netherlands as he'd reached the memorable year of 70!  When we finally got on line we chatted for a while and then it was time for lunch.

The weather had slightly improved after a very cold and frosty morning, so we decided to chance it and went out for a drive.  The aim was to visit the American and perhaps also the German war cemetery. 

On our way to search for the cemetery we discovered a water tower and tank very creatively decorated:

After a quick look at the nearby cemetery where a few Morrocan soldiers were buried we travelled on to the American one at Saint James.

As with the concentration camps, seeing all this: the many graves, the names and where they all came from, and so many (!) it really hits home again what a serious scars all these wars leave behind.

Later on, as we drive through Saint James we decide to stop and look around.  This building, the town hall, looked particularly nice in the few rays of sunshine against the background of a dark sky.

As we strolled through the streets we discovered a coffee shop and took time for a cuppa. 

We also new there to be a cache close by, so we quickly went and looked for it, as the rain was threatening.  Besides that there also was an icy cold wind all day.  There was a yellow alert in the morning and that really meant something!

#1789 - Les Saint Jamais  Tour de la Redoute

As I am far behind with my blog again I think that that was all we did before we drove home again.

At least we had had some fresh air and a chance to stretch the legs after a few days indoors.

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