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A trip to South Australia - week IV

Monday 22 May, 2017

Today we're staying in Kadina for the whole day as we have extended our booking with another night.  We go for an early morning walk and the weather is rather pleasant.  We go to the other side of Kadina, as by now we have seen most of the town centre. Not too far away from the caravan park is a cache hidden which we find after a lot of searching and walking around, as neither of our GPSs seem to work properly.

Pretty-In-Pink-In-Kadina (#1639)

My notes are a bit mixed up, but if I remember well we did some washing and I read for remainder of the day and chatted with Mady until bedtime. Mady has expressed the wish to learn Dutch! I also booked the coaster in for a service.

Tuesday 23 May, 2017

After breakfast we drive to Read's Mechanical at the south side of town where I have booked a service for the coaster, seeing that I have covered quite a lot of kilometres by now and a service was due anyway.

From there we walk into town and visit Target where I buy a pair of gloves that can be used on the touch screen of a smart phone.  Very handy in the colder climate later in the year!

Then I make an appointment to get my hair done.  I can come in straightaway so we walk on to the hair salon where Patricia also asks for a haircut when I am finished.  All the walking has made us hungry, so we fetch lunch at Subway, after which we walk back to the garage to pick up the camper.  The airconditioning belt has been tightened, but a replacement is something to be looked at.

Then it's time to leave for our next destination and we arrive at Port Rickaby Caravan Park  (#319) S34 40 21, E137 29 44, at approx. 15.30h.  On the way to Port Rickaby however Patricia showed me her father's primary school and the tennis courts where she used to play tennis at Koolywurtie.

After our arrival we walk to the jetty and the lookout of Port Rickaby.

Views from the lookout

Patricia's grandmother's house (now vacant)

The camper at the caravan park (albeit a bit blurry)

Wednesday 24 May, 2017

We're up late, but still go for a short walk along the sea shore and leave at 11.00h.

Port Rickaby Caravan Park

We now drive to Minlaton, Patricia's hometown.  As we are in need of a dump point again we find one at the local caravan park.  Around lunch time Patricia visits the local op-shops (second hand shops), but since I don't have a need for anything and thus don't need to visit every op-shop in every town I stay in the camper and prepare lunch.  Luckily I brought a spare gas bottle along, because I run out of gas.  It's the first time I change a gas bottle myself and I am glad I pull it off without a glitch.

In the afternoon I relax and do some reading while Patricia visits a few aunties.  There's also some bookkeeping to do, as I need to keep track of my finances, even (or especially) when I am travelling.  After that I walk over to IGA and get the necessary groceries and upon return Patricia is back from her visits as well.  We have dinner and then drive to the bus stop where we collect Dianne, who's made the trip by bus from Adelaide airport.

We spend the night at Minlaton at the property (a vacant block of land) of Patricia's cousin who we have met earlier at Kadina.

Thursday 25 May, 2017

The three of us go for a walk and since Dianne is also a geocacher, like Patricia and me, we go in search for a few nearby caches.  We manage to find one.  The first one is a tricky one, as it is hidden in a tap in a front yard.

Roses & Thorns in the Greenwoods (#1640)

We drive to the second one, as it is a bit further away.  We have to answer a lot of questions and we're not sure if we have the wrong answers or done the wrong calculations, but we are not fortunate enough to find this cache.

Then we drive to Yorketown where Patricia's friend Pat lives with her husband Allan.  We arrive just before midday and are invited for lunch, not knowing yet that we will spend here almost a week and will be invited for lunch and dinner every day.  Patricia gets their spare bedroom, as was planned beforehand, and Dianne and I will stay in the camper for the nights.

Dianne has come to the Yorke Peninsula for a specific reason, but just to keep a long story short, she is going to look up newly found family members and is also going to follow up a lot of information from and for her family tree.

Her first trip is the cemetery at Edithburgh, just south of Yorketown.  Allan takes all four of us in the car to Edithburgh and while they look at tombstones I work out the details for a multi cache which we will find a few days later at a different location.

Pat is very interested in our activity, so she wants to come with Patricia and me when we go in search for another nearby cache, which we also don't find.  When we return a few days later we know why! ;-)

Friday 26 May, 2017

In the morning I go for a walk by myself and walk around a nearby lake across from the golf course.  I also search for a nearby cache, but it's another DNF.  The last few days haven't been too lucky.

Then Allan, Dianne and I make another trip to a different cemetery (Pink Lake Cemetery) where I can go in search of two caches and find both.

Where Ancestors Rest At Pink Lakes (#1642)

1874 (#1643)

Dinner is again at Pat and Allan's.  Not bad, considering Pat is an excellent cook and I am even eating dessert, which I haven't done for a long time!

Saturday 27 May, 2017

Today the other women have made plans, so I just follow suit.  It's going to be a trip to Edithburgh first where we are going to visit the local museum.  A bit unfortunate, as my back is still giving me problems after the long hours of standing at the Cornish Festival, but there is the opportunity to sit down after a while.

While Dianne is talking to someone with a lot of knowledge about local history and genealogy, Patricia, Pat and I go for a walk and hope to find at least one cache in company of Pat.  We do, and what is even better, we find even two!

Kaboom - Try this for size. (#1644)

Two containers and two logbooks!

YPFL #7 - Edithburgh (#1645)

Next we have lunch at the local Diner and after that I want to go for a walk by myself.

I find another cache at a place that we have visited the day before, when Allan and Pat were showing us around in the area.

 1646 - Sea Water Baths (#1646)

We also went back to one of the cemeteries where Patricia and I found the following cache:

Where Ancestors Rest By the Sea (#1647)

When the others are still occupied Allan, who wants to go home, takes me around to a few lakes where there are hundreds of ducks.  They are very shallow lakes, that only fill after a wet period, and make very good wetlands.  

Sunday 28 May, 2017

My notes are very sporadic, so I have no idea what we have done during the day.  Probably some washing and watching TV, after Dianne and I returned from our morning walk, on which we found one cache and search for a second time a spot where I had a DNF earlier, but unfortunately with the same result.

All Year Round (#1648)

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