Monday, 7 July 2014


Monday, July 7, 2014

Today my car had to go in for a first service, so I made my way to Cleveland where my car dealer resides. Since it's only a short one, mainly to check the batteries, I was told the waiting time wouldn't be very long.  I first had a nice (complimentary) cup of coffee in the cafe, and then decided to go for a walk.  I knew there to be a few caches in the area within walking distance.

I saw a turtle

I Saw a Turtle!

The boardwalk

The boardwalk at GZ
The first cache was a surprise.  Not so much it's hiding place, but the boardwalk in the swamp so close to the busy road.  It's altogether a tranquil spot to sit and relax for a moment on this beautiful winter day.

It was an easy find, as long as you keep the title in mind.  One of my little tools came in handy, so I son had the cache in hand and could sign the log.

Whird to the Wise

Whird to the Wise

The walkway in the park

View of the park

The title may look a bit strange, but Whird actually means word, so one could say: A Word to the Wise!
It's a clever title and I like it.  When you read the hint of this one you understand the title too.

As it was, the hint saved my day, because on my way to the cache my GPS beeped to warn me that I was nearing GZ and then... died!  I kept walking for a bit while changing the batteries, but the GPS didn't even like the new energy and refused to comply, so I thought I'd better walk back to the dealer.  However, on the way back I remembered the hint, and new instantly where to look for the cache.  Didn't need to know where GZ was after all!  My instinct was correct, so I happily signed the log before heading towards the dealer, who happened to ring me just then to tell me the car was ready for pick-up.

Two caches! I know what I'll do next time my car goes in for a service... ;-)

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