Monday, 21 January 2013

Geocaching at home

Saturday 19 January

While at home I will follow up with updates on our hobby geocaching.  Not only Frank and I are active, but Kevin has joined in again and also Tori has taken it up again.  Keeping in mind though, that neither of them have as much time as we do.  Family and work get in the way. :-)

On Saturday Kevin came over with Adele and the children, killing two birds with one stone: welcoming us back home and going for a bike ride. After lunch we set out with our list on the mobile phones and walked to the first cache, Full Head of Steam.

I keep forgetting to take pictures, so from time to time I might sneak one in from the internet

So close to home, but I have never even attempted this one.  We were to search for a micro cache with, what we thought, clear hints, but to no avail.  6 Pairs of eyes couldn't find it.  I should have probably paid more attention to the details and the logs, because this was a 3 star difficulty with 88 DNFs (did not find) out of the 118!! So, eventually we gave up and walked on to the Bribie Seaside Museum to search for the cache by the same name.  It had been Frank's first find half a year ago.  Kevin new where it was, but had not been able to sign the log and this time we left it to Adele to try and find the cache, which she did. Hooray!

An old picture, taken when it was being built in 2009
After this find we walked home to pick up our bikes and togs (swim suits for those who don't know Aussie slang ;-)) for a ride to Woorim beach, because it certainly was a hot day.

On the way to Woorim we pass the Memorial Gardens (cemetery) where a cache is also hidden, so we stopped off to look for R.I.P. on Bribie.  It didn't take long at all.  This time Kevin was the first to spot it.  It was very cleverly camouflaged.

Next the children and us were longing for a dive in the ocean, so on we went to Woorim, where we parked the bikes.

This is the beach where I often go for my morning walk and I took this picture last Friday morning:

You don't recognise the place on a hot day when everyone wants to come out for a swim:

Some were longingly eying the cruise boat in the distance
Sunday 20 January

A busy day for me as I was taking a workshop at the Brisbane Miniatures club first.  Then I dropped Frank off at Redland Bay for him to catch the ferry home.  As the meeting had finished 2 hours early I had a bit of time on my hands, so I decided to look up my good friend Ricky, who's health hasn't been the best for a while and it was time to catch up after having been away for so long.  It was good to have a chin wag... (Aussie slang for 'a talk')

As I had promised to visit Stephen and Tori and the children later in the afternoon I headed towards Thorneside at about 4 pm and it was good to see all of them.  Amongst other things we got to talk about geocaching and as it happened Tori told me that just the day before she had dropped off her TB in a cache close by: Bayside Spelling Bee - T is for Tom's Train Spot.  It was one that she had taken to Queensland on their trip north from Victoria some time ago now, and I was keen to lay my hands on it.  So, we got in the car and did a quick sweep of the place.  The cache was in a park and James was keen to lead me to it, although he didn't convey its whereabouts exactly.  The name is a bit out of the ordinary, because it used to be part of a puzzle series that has fallen apart over the years.  This cache stayed and is now just an ordinary cache.

Again no pictures taken, but.... I do have a picture of the TB, a cute little stuffed animal like the lion we have found.

TB Eyechiwawa

Eyechiwawa and Ledu

Had I known that I would go caching today I would have brought Ledu or the other TB, because it's time they get dropped off.  I'd better put them all in the glove box or in my backpack, so that I have them handy where ever I go.  It will be hard to part with them though, because aren't the the cutest little things?

See you next time...

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